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I got engaged on the 24th April, 2011 (which just so happens to also be my Dad’s birthday…and Easter Sunday – lots happening that day!) and while it was super exciting (I cried, he cried) I was already so in love with weddings I had (not-so-secretly) already been planning my own.

I thought I had everything picked out, but it turns out that planning an imaginary wedding in your head is very different from planning an actual wedding in reality. Especially when the wedding in reality has to reflect more than just me…and requires things like dates and venues to actually be free.

While I have a definite idea in mind for what I want,  it hasn’t stopped me from stalking other wedding websites and blogs to drool over the pretty pretty.

One of the blogs I’ve discovered (and mostly love) is A Practical Wedding. Pretty, pretty pictures, some great ideas, and a sparkly wit, what’s not to love? But the truth is that I don’t feel like I fit in there. There’s a lot of talk of the Wedding Industry that has sucked out our souls and is attempting to replace them with meaningless consumerism. And you know what, that might be true (and it might even be true-er in America where the blogger, and most of her readers seem to be located). Hell, it might even be true here in Australia. But I haven’t felt it. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent years avoiding peer pressure, or because my ideas fit quite happily with what the Wedding Industry (capitals are required, people) want me to want.

But it’s made me think (which I suppose is all any blogger wants. That and people to actually read the blog.) and it’s made me want to start my own blog. Mostly to have somewhere to keep all my ideas in one place, but partly because I want somewhere I can respond to what I’m reading and seeing on other blogs. Where I can say “hey, no wait, I *like* the lists with twelve thousand things to-do” ‘coz right now, that’s where I’m getting my inspiration from.

So, here’s to wintastic* wedding planning!

* Wintastic – something that is both fantastic and made of win. Coined recently when talking about buying one of those amazing items that makes you do an internal (and sometimes external!) happy dance. That’s the fantastic part. The win comes from it being on sale. So here’s to fantastic, and ‘on sale’ wedding planning (and buying! Don’t forget the buying.)


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