Embracing Bridezilla

In May 2011, Uncategorized on May 11, 2011 at 11:38 pm

There’s a lot of posts around on the interwebs that lambast the use of the word Bridezilla. Bridezilla is a derogatory term, they cry. It demeans women and their choices. And I sort of agree with them. But not how they’re going about it.

Let’s forget trying to erase the use of the word, let’s just embrace it. Let’s take it back.

I quite happily announce, as soon as I start mentioning my wedding plans, that I’m a Bridezilla. And I do this because it means that, as soon as it’s said, people stop trying to offer advice or criticism. Those words like “really, you want to do xyz at your wedding?” freeze before they even leave the critiquer’s mouth. Because they all know that there’s no use arguing with a Bridezilla.

So let’s all be Bridezillas. Let’s just be strong women (people) who know what we want, and aren’t going to justify it or argue about it. Let’s be women (people) who say “to hell with what society says, I’m having that giant white dress, or those cute blue pumps, or an uneven bridal party because I AM A BRIDEZILLA”.

I’m sure there’s some sort of acronym out there that fits with Bridezilla (Best Real Idea – Doing Everything … Zen? Zombie? Zoinks? Zany!. It’ll Look Lovely, Ay?”)

Eh, best I could do!


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