Strange Wedding Dreams

In May 2011, Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 11:20 pm

The night my fiance proposed I had a hard time sleeping. And unfortunately it wasn’t from the excitement. It seemed like everytime I closed my eyes visions of all the things I had to do to avoid chaos surrounded me. And the weird thing? That planning is something I’ve been doing since before I was engaged it was, and still is, something I love. I have no idea what was so stressful about it that it caused me to lose sleep, but now the sleeplessness has been replaced by the weird dreams.

Dreams about trying on wedding dresses that resemble porcupines, getting ready for an engagement party, only it turning out that I needed to be wearing my wedding dress that I hadn’t yet purchased, going shopping for various items only to discover that they’re no longer available in Australia. These are the weird things that play out in my head at night.

I wish someone could explain them to me, ‘coz I sure can’t (though of course my fiance would say that it’s ‘coz I spend too much time looking at wedding stuff. Apparently there are other things to do at night than flick endlessly through blogs, google image searches and wedding websites. Who knew?)


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