Stunning Centrepieces

In Centrepiece, May 2011 on May 17, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Just like with my dress and my jewellery, my indecisiveness continues.

I’ve been searching high and low for centrepieces for my tables that will still fit with my ‘vintage fun’ theme. And it’s hard, y’know. How do you find something that beautifully captures your theme (especially when your theme is something as vague as ‘vintage fun’)?  And how much is it going to cost? (Is anyone else finding that it seems almost impossible to stop costs from spiralling out of controll?)

Do I have candles?

Candle Stack Centrepiece

Small posies?

Posies in Vases

But how do you choose between such gorgeousness? I wanted to have both, and then came up with the idea of hurricane lamps. Like these:

Hurricane Lamp

And it, too is lovely. I even thought I could have a wreath of flowers surrounding it, so I could have those, too. Which led to a whole other decision about fake versus real. I even went off to look at a place called Floral Land (not too far from where I live) which has a whole bunch of fake flowers, but I wasn’t really inspired by anything. And much as I love my friends and family, and they love me, I’m not sure the day before the wedding is when people want to be sitting around weaving real flowers into wreaths to place them around the hurricane lamps. (which, incidently, is the same problem I had with the posies – though without the weaving them into wreaths part). And, while all of the above are lovely, are any of theme really ‘vintage fun’?

And then I had what I thought was a brainwave.


I’ve heard lots* of people recommending them as a cheap and easy solution to bouquets for the bride/bridesmaids to carry. Why not use them as centrepieces, too? Put a few in some vases, and there, instant colour and fun! My main colours are pink and ivory, but I love the idea of a splash of rainbow around the place (especially since (hopefully) our bonbonierre are these cool ‘bo peep’ lollies)

Bo Peep Lollies

Now the only decision I have to make is what colour I should have the pinwheels?

Any thoughts?

Flower Pinwheel

Rainbow Pinwheels

I may even throw some of these into the vases, too.

Heart Lollipops

You know, if the budget stretches to it.

*Well ok, some.


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