Thinly Veiled

In May 2011, Outfits, Veil, Wedding Dress on May 19, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Just when you think that you’ve worked out what veil you want (think fingerlength scalloped edge with lace detailing) you fall into the world of birdcage veils.

I’ve always had a softspot for birdcage veils, though I have to admit that that’s mostly because I want hats to come back in a major way. Seriously, I should be able to walk down the street wearing a hat that has a birdcage veil without people thinking I’ve lost my mind.

But since the only place you seem to be able to get away with wearing a veil these day is a wedding* I have to choose between my love of classic and my love of vintage.

Bird Cage Veil

Bird Cage Veil

Seriously, how can I go past those? Especially when they’re both for sale for around $60-$70 (AUD).**

The problem (still) is that I can’t decide between a tea length gown and a full length gown. One of those bird cage veils would sit beautifully with a tea length gown, but not so well with the Augusta Jones dress that I’ve been looking at.

But how well would theygo with this dress?

Avila Bay by Dolly Couture

Hopefully I find *something* that helps me choose, and soon! Preferably before I lose my mind and buy both!

*I tried wearing a black hat with a birdcage veil to a funeral and got told off for being ‘too pretentious’.

** Ok, I admit they’re for sale somewhere outside of Australia, but I can work around that!


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