Travelling Dress

In May 2011, Shoes, Travelling Dress on May 25, 2011 at 6:15 am

There used to be a custom that before you left your reception you would change into a travelling dress (presumably because you were about to head off on your honey moon and didn’t want to fly out wearing your wedding dress). This habit seems to have died off lately, but I think it’s a lovely idea and I’m going to embrace it. Partly ‘coz the idea is old school, and I love all things old school, and partly ‘coz it gives me an excuse to buy another cute outfit.

I’ve discovered an awesome site for vintage-inspired outfits at Unique Vintage and I’m digging this particular dress

Travelling Dress


I think it would also go beautifully with these shoes by Gabriella Rocha, that I’m also loving for my current vintage inspired wedding dress. The shoes also come in a gorgeous turquoise colour that I might have to buy, just because.

Though of course the shop doesn’t ship to Australia (story of my life!) so I might have to see whether I know anyone in or going to the US of A that I can have bring them back/ship them over for me.

  1. […] love affair with Unique Vintage continues as I’ve been checking on the travelling dress I want (to make sure a) they’re still selling it and b) it hasn’t gone on sale. So far, […]

  2. […] been eyeing off a few online shops like Unique Vintage (from whence I am hopefully obtaining my travelling dress) and a few others, like Vintage Betty and Covelli. And so far, I’ve seen a couple on Covelli […]

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