Wedding “To-Do” lists

In 2011, Inspiration, June 2011 on June 6, 2011 at 12:12 am

Websites like The Knot seem to have gotten a lot of bad press for the ‘cookie cutter’ wedding they seem to be pushing everyone into, so I thought I’d join to take a look first-hand at what it’s like.

As someone who loves weddings, but has never been closely involved in them, I really don’t have any idea of the sorts of things that need* to be included. And this is where places like the Knot, and various wedding fora have been really helpful. And not just for me. I see large numbers of women logging into these fora saying “ok, this is what I have organised, can anyone think of anything I’ve missed?” ‘coz maybe they didn’t know they needed(wanted) boutonierres until someone pointed out that they were missing. Or music, maybe they’d overlooked that. Or even something really obvious, like transport to the wedding location.**

So maybe it’s because I’ve never been a follower, or because I’m mostly oblivious to peer pressure, but I’ve never seen these lists and suggestions as ‘forcing’ people into having an elaborate and over the top wedding they didn’t want or need, but rather a comprehensive list of suggestions as to what people traditionally have at wedding. It’s not as though the Knot are now monitoring my every move and will send wedding-style-ninja-hitmen to substitute bouquets for those fans I want everyone to carry.

Will they?

*And I know this is where a lot of people have problems, because (they tell me) the only thing you “need” is your fiance(e), a marriage licence and a celebrant. And ok, perhaps “need” is the wrong word, but I can’t think of a better one.

**I think ‘transport to the wedding location’ should be included as one of the four things you need. It’s no good having the marriage licence, the fiance(e) and the celebrant if they’re all in different locations.


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