Reception Location

In 2011, June 2011, Reception on June 24, 2011 at 11:43 pm

So as I think I’ve mentioned we’ve been having trouble choosing a reception venue.

We’ve been tossing up between the Victoria Hotel (which includes a number of things including canapes on arrival, discounted/free parking and a free room for the night) and the Fitzroy Town Hall (which lacks these things, but which works out to be about $1500 cheaper if you include the cost of a caterer).

So we went to Fitzroy today to check out the Town Hall. And it’s stunning. Beautiful. Grand.

But that’s probably not enough to make up for the extra time and money that’s going to have to go into it.

The $1500 difference between the Town Hall and the Victoria Hotel is eaten up by a number of things, including having to buy alcohol, hire security staff, obtain public liability insurance, having/finding people to set-up and take down the decorations and tables, the cost of hiring the commercial kitchen for the caterers and a room for the night. Assuming we’re not going to go whizzing off on our honeymoon then and there.

So I suspect we’re going to settle for the Victoria Hotel. On the plus side, it does have a cool art-deco feel to it:

Swanston Room

Not the clearest of photos, but you get an idea.

Now let’s just hope that the room is still available!


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