Wedding Vows

In 2011, August 2011, Inspiration on August 10, 2011 at 4:44 am

I’ve always loved the traditional vows, where the woman undertakes to “love honour and obey” and the man undertakes to “love honour and cherish”, and ultimately you are pronounced man and wife.

Unfortunately the fiance disagrees.

I think I’ve managed to talk him into retaining the original vows, instead of writing our own, but I appear to be losing the battle to be “man and wife” rather than “husband and wife”.

He thinks “man and wife” makes the woman sound like a chattel, property to be passed back and forth. Which is exactly my point and why I like it (I’m far too old fashioned for my own good sometimes, my mother would have a fit!).

I’m wondering what other people think about this issue. What did you do, and why?

  1. Now that is some great literature.

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