Houston, We Have Shoes

In 2011, Outfits, Shoes on August 23, 2011 at 11:07 am

As I mentioned way back when I’d found a pair of really cute wedding shoes that I loved

Ginger by Gabriella Rocha

but that neither of the places that stocked them 6pm or Zappos shipped to Australia.

In the end, I resorted to a re-shipping place Ship It To and I was starting to get a bit worried, because their website claims that it usually only takes 2-3 weeks for packages to arrive from their warehouse to Australia, and I had been waiting 33 days.

But, all is well. I arrived home today to find the package sitting on my doorstep, and even better, the shoes fit! I think they’re a tiny bit loose, but by the time I put on stockings and/or pad the shoes, that should be fine. Got to be better than being too small!

So cross another thing off the list. Now I just have to track down a fingertip veil* and lose enough weight to buy the dress and we’ll be almost ready!

*I was hoping to use either my Mum’s or the soon-to-be-Mother-In-Law’s veil as either my something old or something borrowed. If so, this will be sorted, if not I think I’m going to have to start hitting either ebay or etsy.


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