Birdcage Veil and Headpiece

In 2011, Outfits, September 2011, Veil on September 21, 2011 at 9:46 am

I’ve been trying to create my own headpiece based on this image from Brenda’s Bridal Veils:

Vintage Hairpiece

I bought two flowers, with the idea of practicing on one, and then using the other as the actual hairpiece.

Well, after a few days of playing around with slides, and clips and bobby pins and a miscellany of other ways of fixing the flower in my hair I’ve concluded that 1. it’s harder than it looks and 2. I’m not sure it’s really me.

While I love the idea of the birdcage veil, and may still try to create it just for a few of the professional photographs, I think I’m just going to stick with an elbow length veil for the ceremony, and then be veil-less at the reception.

Now I’ll have to see whether there’s a way to turn the brooch that matches my jewellery into some sort of hairclip…


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