Honeymoon Registry versus Gift Registry

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2011 at 12:49 am

I’m not a huge fan of registries to begin with, but they seem to have become ‘the done thing’, with many people preferring you to be registered somewhere so they don’t have to worry about buying you something you already have (which is becoming increasingly likely given the number of people living together prior to getting married).

With this in mind, the fiance and I have agreed that we will have a gift registry AND a honeymoon registry. Partly because the money for the honeymoon would be handy, but mostly because we fall into the same trap as most other couples: we have pretty much everything. With the exception of those perfectly lovely (and horribly expensive) dinner sets, silver tea services and a Monet for the wall there’s not much more that we’d need in the way of possessions.

With this in mind, I’ve been researching honeymoon registries, and have found two that look interesting Honeymoon Fund and Travel Registry. The main difference between these is that Honeymoon Fund charges the guest for the cost of making the payment, whereas Travel Registry has a one off fee which they charge the couple getting married.

Both sites seem to allow for the funds to then be transferred to the bride and groom (or by then, the Mr and Mrs, I guess) to pay for their honeymoon (or other gifts) without being ‘locked in’ to the original designation.

Has anyone had any experience with these? Or a favourite honeymoon/gift registry site?

  1. I guess you’re talking about Honeyfund, which charges the guests only if they’re paying through paypal. We were on a budget for our wedding, so we went with – it’s free and unlike Honeyfund it has no ads. Wanderable itself takes no fees, but similar to honeyfund, it’s mainly paypal that takes fees. If guests decided to pay you in cash/cheque it’s still free.

    On that note, there’s a very good side-by-side comparison of all the aforementioned honeymoon registries:

    Hope this helps!

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