Sing a Song of Sixpence

In 2012, February 2012, Music, Traditions on February 23, 2012 at 5:31 am

So, I’ve been thinking music.

We’re getting married in a church, so they’re a bit strict on music (not that I mind, I love/want most of the songs they restrict you to anyway), and they’ll have an organist playing a pipe organ. Which is yay! Very yay!

I told the fiance last night that I wanted to walk down the aisle to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”. He went “huh” and then after I played it put his foot down and said “no way”. Apparently I’m allowed to have it afterwards as the recessional, but not as the processional. Boo, I say!

So then I thought, maybe Pachbel’s “Canon in D”. It’s nice, it’s pretty. The fiance approved. Hurrah!

The fiance then suggested I make sure the organist knows how to play these songs, so I downloaded the wedding info pack thing the church had sent me which set out music choices. One of the first things they say is that if you don’t give them your selected music by 4 weeks prior to the date, they’ll just automatically assign you their ‘Deluxe Music Selection’, which is:

Processional: Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” (aka, Here Comes the Bride)
Signing of Register: Pachbel’s “Canon in D”
Recessional: Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”

Which got me thinking about whether I should just make my processional the “Bridal Chorus”. Originally I didn’t want it, ‘coz I thought everyone in the church (including me) would be singing along with the “Let ‘er rip potato chip” lyrics of “here comes the bride, all fat and wide, slipped on a banana peel and went for a ride”. Which kinda isn’t cool. But maybe when I’m walking down the aisle, I won’t be thinking of made up lyrics. Or I’ll appreciate a moment of levity in an otherwise sober moment.


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