Essential Photographs

In 2012, Inspiration, March 2012, Photography on March 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm

I’ve been trying to compile a list of “essential” photographs. Most of them are easy (dress, me in the dress, fiance looking at me in the dress, that sort of thing) but others are harder.

One of the harder ones is tracking down this idea I have in my head of a photograph of me getting out of the car. I think I saw it on an ad for Yellowglen sparkling wine. Or possibly Yalumba. Or possibly I dreamt it. This is possibly why finding a picture to use as inspiration is so difficult!

So far, these are the closest that I’ve managed to find:

But she’s a little too far out of the car, and not nearly smiley enough.

Again this is close, but the camera is in the wrong spot, and she needs to be looking up:

I think this is the closest:

But still, she needs to be still more in the car, with the camera angle coming up from beneath. The smile is definitely right, though!

If anyone can find photographs of what I’m after (or knows which ad I’m talking about so I can be sure I’m not going mad!) I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it!


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