Vintage Dinner Set Patterns

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I’ve spent the last few years alternating between wishing I could find the ultimately perfect dinner set pattern OR that I could be one of those people brave enough to pull off the quirky mismatched dinner sets.

After spending the last few nights scouring the internet for dinner sets that are IT I have concluded that while some come close:

Elizabeth Platinum by Royal Crown Derby

from Royal Crown Derby

Republic Dinnerware by Lenox

from Lenox
Really, there’s nothing that makes me go “that’s it!” and so I’ve decided to just BE one of those quirky mismatched people.

To this end, I shall be putting this (rather boring) dinner set on my ‘wish list’

Queens Plain by Wedgwood

And then I’ll be keeping an eye out for plates, cups, bowls, etc that have a scalloped edge, and so instantly match!

Just to give you an idea, here’s a few I’ve found courtesy of Replacements an online registry of discontinued patterns.

Just for fun, I’ve tried to keep them to just Wedgwood patterns (because trying to search all scallop edged dinner sets gave me something 40,000 results to wade through).

Chinese Teal by Wedgwood

from Chinese Teal at Replacements

Richmond by Wedgwood

from Richmond at Replacements

Empress Ruby by Wedgwood

from Empress Ruby at Replacements

Ashbury by Wedgwood

from Ashbury at Replacements

Floral Scallop by Wedgwood

from Floral (Scallop) at Replacements

Crown Platinum by Wedgwood

from Crown Platinum at Replacements

Eccles Bead Celadon by Wedgwood

from Eccles Bead Celadon at Replacements

Phyllis Purple by Wedgwood

from Phyllis Purple at Replacements

  1. […] the case, I feel horribly ungrateful about the fact that now that I hvae ordered my new super cool dinner set (currently on sale at Peters of Kensington!) that I would really like some vintage cutlery to go […]

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