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Wedding Dress Alternatives

In 2012, March 2012, Outfits, Wedding Dress on March 23, 2012 at 12:52 am

My love affair with Unique Vintage continues as I’ve been checking on the travelling dress I want (to make sure a) they’re still selling it and b) it hasn’t gone on sale. So far, no luck (with the sale at least)). While discovering an amazing 40s style coat with which I am in love

and a pair of bathers that I must have

I came across some gorgeous white dresses that would double as lovely wedding dresses if you were going for a simple vintage style.

Behold, the Ivory Lace Gatsby Wiggle Dress

currently on sale for $142.00

and a Heartbreaker Ivory Francine Dress

currently on sale for $78.

And if those aren’t gorgeous, bargain wedding dresses, then I don’t know what are!


Essential Photographs

In 2012, Inspiration, March 2012, Photography on March 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm

I’ve been trying to compile a list of “essential” photographs. Most of them are easy (dress, me in the dress, fiance looking at me in the dress, that sort of thing) but others are harder.

One of the harder ones is tracking down this idea I have in my head of a photograph of me getting out of the car. I think I saw it on an ad for Yellowglen sparkling wine. Or possibly Yalumba. Or possibly I dreamt it. This is possibly why finding a picture to use as inspiration is so difficult!

So far, these are the closest that I’ve managed to find:

But she’s a little too far out of the car, and not nearly smiley enough.

Again this is close, but the camera is in the wrong spot, and she needs to be looking up:

I think this is the closest:

But still, she needs to be still more in the car, with the camera angle coming up from beneath. The smile is definitely right, though!

If anyone can find photographs of what I’m after (or knows which ad I’m talking about so I can be sure I’m not going mad!) I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it!

Honeymoon Bedding

In 2012, March 2012 on March 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

I’ll freely admit that I’m slightly insane, so it should come as no surprise that when I saw this quilt cover set

from Adairs I gave serious thought to buying it to have on the bed when we get home from our honeymoon.

A little reminder of a special occasion. And imagine the memories you’ll invoke every time you get the sheets out afterwards.

Of course, Adairs have a number of other vintage styled quilt cover sets that I’m also drooling over

for one and

for another but there’s just something about one that screams “I Love You” in French that just cannot be ignored.

Binding Invitations

In 2012, February, Inspiration, Stationery on March 2, 2012 at 10:25 am

It occurred to me that I really shouldn’t just lump my invitations, RSVP cards, envelopes, maps, gift registry information, anything else I can think of, all together in an envelope to fall out and attack the poor soul that opens it.

I’ve been trying to come up with solutions, from pockets (hard to self-construct and expensive to buy in the sizes I need), belly bands (which work momentarily, but that I suspect aren’t good long term options, split pins (but then my RSVP card and envelope have a hole in them!) and nothing seemed to be working out.

And then I saw an invitation collection held together with what looked for all the world like a heart-shaped paper clip. And then I googled and found this post at How About Orange that showed me how to make heart shaped paperclips.

And it looks so super-dooper easy that I can’t work out how it didn’t occur to me before!

It seems like it’s this simple:

Image from How About Orange

So I went off to Officeworks to buy a tub of black paperclips (whole other story right there) and have made my first mock-up.

Feel free to applaud the super-professional job I did of blanking out the fiance and my names!













It works!

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